e-Wallet Services

This product offers the basis of all transactions supported by the MyPay™ platform. It allows customers to use their funds for payments, transfers and other purposes. There are three types of e-Wallets

  • Personal Wallet: A personal account which stores financial value for transactions
  • Corporate Wallet: Used by corporate, non-profit and Government establishments for day-to-day financial transactions
  • Merchant Wallet: This is used by merchants to collect sales revenues electronically

A wallet can have one or more Pay Cards linked to it. Individual wallets can issue linked cards to members of their family; corporate wallets can issue multiple Imprest Expense cards to their employees; and merchant wallets can link cards they use to make purchases from their suppliers

POS Payment Services

MyPay™ platform includes a large network of NFC POS Terminals deployed to enable NFC payments at merchant locations using NFC Cards, Tags, wearables and smart phones. Customers can also perform other transactions like Cash-in, cash-out and ‘Give-back-change’ at all Touch-N-Pay® terminals nationwide. Please look for the Touch-N-Pay® sign at any shop and make electronic payments from your mobile money or e-wallet or click here to see the shop locations that are part of the Touch-N-Pay® network.

Online Payment Services

Through one of our flagship products, Online Pay®, MyPay™ was designed to enable e-commerce transactions. Merchants with online presence can utilise the tool to collect sales revenues from customers with MyPay™ e-Wallets, Mobile Money wallets and bank cards. We have developed standard ‘web integration plug-in scripts’ which we provide to our e-commerce customers to integrate in their websites. To secure and select a script for Online Pay® integration, please complete this form

Money Transfer Services

Through our instant money transfer services QuikQuik®, MyPay™ enables P2P transfer of funds between MyPay™ e-Wallet holders and using redeemable vouchers. QuikQuik® vouchers are redeemable in cash at any Touch-N-Pay® network location.

Bill Payment Services

Use your e-Wallet to purchase airtime, mobile data, pay EDSA and DSTV Bills and play Mercury games.

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