The most reliable instant money transfer services. This product enables the instant transfer of money from your e-wallet to any mobile money account in the country. All you need to do is open QuikQuik online in the web browser, select the e-wallet number or mobile phone number of the person you wish to send the funds to. They will receive it that very instant and cash out at any Touch-N-Pay® network location or at the Agent location of the Mobile Money service provider.


This product helps our corporate customers make many large volume payments and transfers in a safe and single transaction. All you need to do is upload and excel sheet or complete an inbuilt form with the details of the payees and click pay. Your payment records will be complete, statements generated, and reports prepared. To sign up for BulkPay®, please call our customer services helpline on 8888.


Our flagship product Touch-N-Pay® is a payment aggregation network of POS Terminals that accept payments from MyPay™, bank card issuers and Mobile Money operators. To know more on how Touch-N-Pay® works, please click here or call our Call Centre help line on 8888.

PayCard® + PayTag®

These are personal payment enabling items supplied to MyPay™ e-wallet account holders. The Pay Card is an NFC, EMV card that is linked to the e-wallet and can be used at all Touch-N-Pay® network locations. The Pay Tag is an NFC Tag, linked to the customer’s e-wallet and attached to their phones or other mobile devices, which can be used at all Touch-N-Pay® network locations.

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