What is MyPay™?
Is it free to open a MyPay™ e-wallet?
What is the minimum balance requirement on an e-wallet?
How can I use funds that are in my MyPay™ account?
How can I withdraw cash from my account?
How do I load funds onto my MyPay Account?
Can I receive funds sent by other people into my MyPay™ account?
Can I send money using my MyPay™ account?
If I send money, how will I know the person received it?
Can I get statements of my transactions?
What is the MyPay Card or Tag?
How can I get a MyPay Pay Card?
Can I pay for any purchases using my MyPay Card or Tag?
How to do I use my MyPay Card or Tag to pay?
Are all transactions authorised by just tapping my card or tag on the POS?
Can I use my MyPay Cash Card Wristband or Sticker at any POS to pay for purchases?
Can I get MyPay Cards or Tags for my family members to use?
How does the MyPay payment service work?
Will all merchants be part of the MyPay Touch-N-Pay® network?
What are the limits on transaction amounts using MyPay™ Pay Cards or Tags?
Is the service secure?
Could I accidently be charged twice for the same transaction?
Will I have to use a PIN for all my card transactions?
Can I change the PIN on my Pay Card? If so, how can I do it?
If I lose my Pay Card or Tag, what should I do?
Are there in-built ways of minimising risk of fraudulent use of my Pay Card, if stolen?
How many different customer payment devices does MyPay™ offer?
If my phone battery is dead, can I make a payment transaction?
What do I need to do if I forget or lose my PIN?
Do I need to affix my MyPay Tag to my mobile phone?
How will I know if a merchant is participating in the MyPay Touch-N-Pay™ network?
Is NFC a safe payments technology?

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